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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  June 23, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, a wet start to the weekend. the remnants of cindy are working their way toward washington and that means we could see some heavy rain heading our way. but it's nothing compared to what happened down south. president trump coming clean. he now says he does not have tapes of his time with former fbi director james comey. plus senate republicans rallying support for their obama carey placement and a vote could be just days away. what we now know about the top-secret bill. and later, another hollywood star learns the hard way some
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why johnny depp could now expect a visit from the secret service. >> the philadelphia 76ers select markelle fultz. >> another prince george's county native making waves in the nba. as expected, markelle fultz went number one in the draft, but one thing didn't go according to plan. we'll show you his instagram post that had social media in stitches. first though no rain is going to stop fox5 zip trip. especially when water plays such a big part of life in annapolis. we're live in the maryland capital all morning long. good day at 9a starts right now. ♪ ♪♪ >> and we are indeed ready to go. ready to head out to annapolis to check in with our zip trip crew. there's a life picture there. as they walk the dock. we are ready here in the loft to get things started and i'm sure you'll sitting at home saying i'm ready
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weekend. it is indeed a good day dc. just after 9:00 o'clock on friday june 23rd. i'm holly morris alongside of erin, annie and the wisdom martin. >> oh, the wisdom martin. >> we're off to a wet start to the weekend. but not potential downpours we're bracing for just yet. again we'll take live look outside right now the remnants of what was tropical storm cindy making their way northeast dumping heavy rain across huge parts of the country and we could soon see some of it as well. for details we'll turn now to tucker barnes who is in annapolis for first check of the forecast. tucker, we'll get you an umbrella or something, man or a hat. >> dry shirt maybe. >> something. >> the wet shirt a nice look on me, don't you think, wisdom? listen the rain finished up. we had pretty good period of rain between six and 8:00 a.m. hasn't rained here in about an hour we can only -- we're only expecting some light showers for the remainder of your friday. so condition are actual going to improve around here.
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reporting it feels sweaty out here. the air feels tender this morning. let's get to the radar shown you what's happening. again, period of heavy rain that came through early but look at it now things are quiting down. even getting in a few rays of sunshine here in annapolis at the moment. and much of your day is going to be rather cloudy how about we go partly sunny. and warm and humid with daytime highs in the upper 80s. so it will be very warm afternoon. 75 now at 9am in the city. 74 in annapolis. 72 leonardtown frederick reporting temperatures of 73 degrees. temperatures in the 70s. here's a quick look at your forecast for this afternoon. 88. can't rule out the possibility of a shower or storm later this afternoon. but just want to give you the heads if you you'll be out late tonight really early tomorrow morning if you have plans, we are going to get another period of rain some of that could be heavy that's truly the remnants of cindy associated with a cold front which will be moving through. once we get all of that out of here it's going to be a beautiful second half to the weekend but we do have another round of heavy rain to expect later tonight and early tomorrow. all right.
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harbor in annapolis come down and see us. we're here till 11. i'm here with steve and maureen. we'll be doing lots more over the next couple of hours. great morning for zip trip now that the rain is done. back to you. >> thanks so much tucker. meanwhile the clean up continues this morning after tropical storm cindy hit the gulf coast with heavy rains and winds. during the storm a family in pensacola beach captured waterspout over the ocean. cindy spawned tornadoes in alabama and heavy rain expected from the storm expected to bring flash flooding from louisiana to pennsylvania with some spots seeing as much as 8-inches. a lot of rain. ♪ >> right now 9:04 time to check the morning briefing. and first up, this morning, let's see if we can get things going. president trump has ended the washington guessing game. he now admits he does not have tapes of his conversations with former fbi director james comey. the president came clean yesterday on twitter just hours before a deadline to hand over the recordings if they exist. >> at the same time tug
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probe no russia's influence on the us election. in a fox and fox friends exclusive that aired this morning, the president called the friendship between comey and special counsel robert mueller very bother some. when asked if mueller should step down from the investigation the president just said, we'll see. and finally, we are on stand by for announcement from the supreme court about the legality of the president's travel ban. the justices met yesterday for the last regularly schedule private meeting this month and likely took vote about whether to hear the administration's appeal. that decision announcement could come any day now. the other big story this morning republicans are make wagon could be a final push in the senate for obama carey placement and a vote could be just days away. >> democrats mounting their opposition but the real challenge for gop leaders will be some of their fellow republicans. the senate republican house health care considerable shorter than the original obama care bill no democrat is going to support it but the bigger question is, republicans because -- senate leaders can only afford to lose two votes
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>> god bless you and god bless america. thank you very much. >> president trump kicking off the annual congressional picnic at the white house but it will take more than this to get a gop health care plan through congress. earlier the president would only tell fox that he has his eye on four republican hold outs in particular. >> thralls four good gu! guys ad four friends of mine, and i think they'll probably get there. we'll have to see. >> tears the four. republican senators who look at the senate version of health care reform released yesterday and didn't like what they saw. a plan that would ease obama care taxes and penalties but also allow for reduced coverage and medicaid payments to states. >> we're afraid when we read the bill, it actually looks like a reiteration or keeping of obama care. >> the way to get to yes is fix the underlying pro problems. lower premiums and i will happily be part of it. >> other end of the opposition spectrum president obama writing on facebook, would it raise costs, reduce coverage, roll ba
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medicaid as we know it. but some republicans see this as a final chance to follow through on a seven-year commitment to repeal and replace obama care at a time when both sides agree something needs to be done to fix the program that many insurers are now fleeing. >> democrats tell us it would be wrong for the senate to actually address these problems in a serious way while the law they've defended for seven years teeters literally teeters on the edge of total collapse. >> and the other question, of course, how much is this going to cost? we should fbi out next week from the congressional budget office. the impact this will have on the budge. >> ♪ new this morning, traffic flowing once again along new york avenue northeast. it was closed right at the anacostia river bridge for hours after a crash that killed one person and injured several ot others. four cars were involved in the wreck. three of them that caught fire. right now d.c. police are investigating the cause. also
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details about the london high rise fire investigators now say last week's deadly apartment blaze was started by a fridge freezer. officials have also said the insulation and tiles recovered from the building failed fire safety tests. that inferno killed 79 people. >> we're hearing from north korea for the first time since otto warmbier's death he's the university of virginia student released last weekend in a coma after being detained for more than a year in north korea prison. the 22-year-old passed away in his hometown of cincinnati on monday. he was laid to rest yesterday. this morning north korea is denying that it cruelly treated or tore ted warmbir and called itself the biggest victim in his death. the comments were made in an article published by the official korean central news agency. it also says the north dealt with warmbier according to domestic law and international standards. update now on story that broke first here on fox5. claims of great fixing at prince george's county high schools. >> for the first time school ceo dr. maxwell spoke publicly
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allegations of grade changing and fraud to boost those graduation rates. maxwell spoke to parents in front of a jam packed school board meeting last night denying any wrongdoing. >> the false allegations about our graduation rates strike at everything that prince george's county schools stand for, past, present and future. these allegations den any grade why teachers teach and why principals lead. they are a personal attack on every teacher, counselor, administrator and employee in this system. >> this issue has divided county leaders and school staff with some begging for the state to investigate and others denying that there's any possibility of fraud. every day this week fox5 has been asking the maryland state department of education whether it will investigate or not. so far no one has responded to us. bill cosby may be a free man for now. but he's not laying low. coming up next, a little bit later, why he's planning
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about sex assault. first, though, we'll head back out to annapolis with look at the five places you have to visit the next time you're there. next time you visit and if you have four legs the next time you visit. where should you go. >> so cute. ♪ >> looks beautiful out there now that the rain ised whoing off. ♪ fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network.
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♪ welcome back. there's more to annapolis than just maryland state house. this morning, we're getting a tour of all the town has to offer with our weekly edition of the five must stops. >> for details on that let's head back to maureen umeh and steve chenevey because they're out there in annapolis and they have special guest. good morning to you. >> hey, good morning to you. yes, there's so much to do here in annapolis. i mean i think we probably only tipped the iceberg with everything you can do. connie will talk some more about it because you know this place and side and out and if there's an expert on annapolis want to do this is the woman that will do it. >> horse what we want to do. before we talk to connie we want you show some of the places you can visit here in annapolis.& i'm not going to lie. trying to narrow this down to five was nearly impossible task. to give you a flavor some of the great things you can do here in annapolis here are our five must stops for annapolis. >> ♪ number
9:14 am
winery lo located on vinyards is called an old toe tobacco barn home. stop by and enjoy a experience tailored for wine lovers learn more about reds, whites rose's and four. >> number four lighthouse bistro changing lives one meal at a time. come in enjoy a delicious meal and give back little as all proceeds from this restaurant are reinvested back into the mission of lighthouse. a homeless prevention support center. number three, ban any kerr douglas museum the state of maryland's official museum of african-american heritage. serving to document, interpret and promote african-american history and culture through exhibits, programs and projects. number two, the united states naval academy. you can visit the undergraduate college of our country's naval service. there is no shortage of history or beauty here. check out views of the water, a mock dorm room, the school's unofficial and official mascots and the academy's rich history. ♪ and number
9:15 am
annapolis. take a scenic stroll from the state capital on down to the docks. hitch ride on boat or enjoy ice cream seaside. do some shopping or enjoy a meal at historic chicken roots ruth's don't forget to pick up a few souvenirs. ♪ all beautiful options. connie joins me now of course with visit annapolis. we kind of cheated at the end because we said number one come downtown. come to this area where all the boats are all the shops are all the restaurants. so much to do here, i know you work hard. but it can't be that hard to get people to come to annapolis, can it. >> if we just get in front of them, steve, they fall in love like i did 14 years ago when i moved here. so, yes, once they know what we have and what you showed the viewers is absolutely the best of everything we have in the city. >> but it's just a taste. i know one of the things that you do try to do now is say, look, people from washington come out for day trip. i do it all the time in the summertime come out on saturday spend the day here and then i'll go back. you're saying, let's stay here awhile.
9:16 am
than just spend a couple of hours here. >> absolutely. once you've explored all the beautiful sites that you showed get in your car drive down to south county, see some of the historic sites like london town, go fishing, stay in cabin overnight. the next day drive up north to d beau w. arundel mills area, let grandma and grandpa take the kids to medieval time you and your husband go gaming and find restaurant at live casino, and then we have five shopping malls and shopping centers in anne arundel county. they're all top notch, all very different all great rests rhawn and you can't miss out on happy hour so that means you stay ovenight, one more night, go to a fine dining restaurant italian, french, whatever have oyster shooters then you go home after three days so there's so much to do here. >> we'll spotlight some of the great restaurants coming up later on this morning. tuck can he gave me one more tip for the adve adventurers over t. if you go over to east point you canen
9:17 am
on the creeks. >> absolutely. >> if you want come over here to eagle alley if you like adventure or food or nice beverage or history, it's all here. >> we've got everything here. >> what was it that you loved about this area you said you fell in love with it 14 years ago. why? >> the water every place you walk there's water it's romantic and beautiful, and also the naval academy. of course, that's so much fun when i bring people here but i just fell in love with the laid back at months four and i say it's a very sophisticated but casually sophisticated comm community. >> naval academy right next to us here on city dock and you can tour the academy just make sure you bring proper identification. >> y. >> you can get on the academy. if you haven't done it yet it's a treasure. take advantage of it right here in our own backyard. connie, thank you so very much website if folks want more information. >> visit >> there you go. zen it over to maureen right now with more on what's happening this morning here in annapolis. ♪ good morning again to you out there. if you love the five must stops you like to stop permanent until annapolis and call it home, we have no other b
9:18 am
show you exactly what you can get in annapolis than patti moriarty with ld coldwell banker. >> i am. this is mazing who wouldn't want to call this home? >> this is a wonderful, wonderful town. it has energy all year long it. >> sure does. >> it's electric. >> but we know living by the water can sometimes be a little pricey. but you'll break down for us what we can see. i want to see the crem de la crem at the end of this. i want to dream little okay. >> okay n let's start at the top what can i get for not too much here in annapolis? >> well, there are lots and lots of choices. but to start something small, something very affordable. >> um-hmm. >> a little row house in downtown annapolis could be purchased for in the 4000s. >> okay. >> one that we have today is actually a little bit larger than that. it's 639 and it's priced -- it is located within a block of main street. >> on conduit street, right.
9:19 am
it is three bedroom and what you don't really notice when you see a little row house they're awfully close to the sidewalk but they have re really cute backyard gore den areas. and this house -- something in this price range might not be considered a family home but it might be a good weekend home or an investment for somebody who -- >> i want to get to the next one. we've got to sip through these faster. the next one is goster vote. 1.8 million. hike the up but it's gorgeous. tell us a little bit about this one right here. >> this one is actually one of the first row houses in the colonies. it was built in 1774. and the middle unit of the three. >> look at that. >> it's on the market it's incredibly beautiful. it was built for the builder did -- was building it for his mother-in-law who was in london. >> he must have loved her. >> she couldn't move here until the
9:20 am
>> five bedrooms and four full baths and a half bath. >> it has everything modern knifed all the spaces. >> all right. >> patti, let's dream. this is the creme de la creme. if you hit the lottery or something like that you want to spend oh, let's say $4.4 million. >> right. >> what can i get here in annapolis. >> you can get a beautiful waterfront on an acre on the sever ren home it's the estate of john trauma pee who was the world renowned yacht builder. >> oh wow. okay. he did good for himself. >> when he moved the business to annapolis, he had this estate built. > with a pool and everything and a dock. >> pool on the water side with a dock. the peer. boat slips and right on the seven ren river. beautiful, sold. >> i'll take that last property. it will do what i'll say. patti, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> nap miss p is beautiful. even if you lived in a match box here you're on the water. you can't complain. annapolis is amazing.
9:21 am
waterfront in this area. >> patti moriarty check her out if you're looking for a home coldwell banker. thank you for sharing. >> it was pleasure to be here. >> back in to you guys. i'm going look at that $4.4 million property so more. oh, my goodness. >> is there place we can pitch a tent? >> i know. [ laughter ] >> i'm going to do some research and let you know. >> very good. thank you both. enjoyed that. >> beautiful homes out there. well it's 9:21 right now coming up an extreme case of road rage caught on camera. plus, why bill cosby already heading back out on tour. and later, the clever way some british students kept cool in the middle of a heat wave. we've got a check of what else is making headlines coming up next. ♪ pass. >> see that picture there. i love that story. it's a good one.
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>> welcome back to good day on this friday morning. 9:24 is our time right now. we have alert about metro we want to share. red line service suspended right now between dupont circle and woodley park because of a track problem. they do have shuttle bus service set up. >> all right. now to what else is making had he lines this morning. first up an extreme case of road rage. >> that's right wisdom this happened out in california and it was all caught on video. take look at this. a motorcycle gets close to the sedan and then tries to -- the driver tries to kick car. the car swerved toward the bike and the bike pulled away. the car then swerved towards the bike again but missed the rider and hit the barrier crossing the median knocking over a white truck before
9:25 am
control. now, before all of this happen, the driver every the sedan did cut in front of the motor motorcyclist. probably sparking this incident. the motorcyclist took off. police are considering this a possible hit-and-run. bill cosby wants to spread the word about sexual assault. that's according to tmz which cites a good day alabama interview with the cosby spokesperson. this news comes days after a judge declared a mistrial in his sexual assault case. according to the report cosby is planning series of town halls beginning in july and they will focus on the warning signs in the accusations that could follow. northern virginia man is facing espionage charges. 60-year-old kevin mallory of leesburg accused of selling top-secret documents to the chinese. mallory is a self-employed consultant at global ex and also an army vet and because of his work as special agent for the state department, he had top security clearance. that's until he left the job in 2012. mallory faces up to a life in prison if
9:26 am
the federal prosecutor could also ask for the death penalty if certain conditions are met. and facebook has a new mission statement. today ceo mark zuckerberg says the new mission statement is to quote give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. zuckerberg says for the last decade the company has been focusing on making world more open and connected. he also believes that by helping people connect it would make the world better. and finally, some british boys in high school found a creative way to get around strict uniform rules banning shorts. right now london they're going through a heat wave so instead of wearing the mandated gray slacks, the boys will look at that they throw on some skirts. these gray and white plaid skirts are what the girls wear and the students are in trouble. school sent a statement out doing its utmost to enable both students and staff to remain as comfortable as possible oy guess during that heat wave and boys look pretty happy there. hey, more power to them. i love that fason
9:27 am
>> well, i love that they did it because they're not allowed to wear shorts. >> right. they're not loud to wear shorts. >> but the girls are a loud to wear skirts. >> skirts. >> so they're like why are we not loud to wear shorts the girls are a loud to wear something this length. >> during the heat wave. >> exactly. >> i applaud the school they were like, good point. >> good work around. >> we'll take look at it. >> good troubl shooting there we weren't allowed to wear shorts of a certain length either. >> or of a length or just shorts. >> for awhile you couldn't wear shorts but then the shorts had to be a certain length. your finger tip. >> we were not allowed to wear shorts either and we had no air-conditioning in our schools. >> we had one room that was air-conditioning. >> that's how old we are, girls. >> wow! [ laughter ] >> we had ac. we could wear shorts. >> yeah. >> we can even wear tank tops. until they enforced another r rule. >> just a few years ago. >> you can show your midriff in my school. i do remember that. [ laughter ] are you using the handicapped spot outside or my day.
9:28 am
fridays. >> okay. all right. 9:27 is the time. almost time for all new tucker tries it and this time he says he's got a little experience with the tack at hand. we'll check in with him coming up next in annapolis. plus mike thomas is back with check of the weekend rain and how long that's going to last. >> fresh at 10a grammy award winner and philanthropist and activist and a mississippi nay tough, wisdom, coming up wisdom sitting down with hiphop star david banner. johnny depp under investigation by the secret service? yeah, it could happen after what he said during a movie screening yesterday. we'll have all those details, and later, the credit she deserves. we'll show you who is heading to hollywood's walk of fame coming up. time now 9:28. we'll be right back.
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♪ there's sid. >> bring your dog to work day. >> so cute. >> very nicely done mike thomas. very well trained. >> um-hmm. >> speaking well trained last week tucker barnes took flight the week before he got his hands dirt tow making pottery so the question now is, what's next for tucker tries it? >> since we're up in annapolis we figured why not put him to work on the docks but apparently this is one area tucker actually has real life experience. looks like you know what you're doing out there i think. >> i guess all clear is down -- is that a rat? [ laughter ] >> that's funny. you guys are funny. they actually did put mow to
9:32 am
work here like i mean i'm supposed to fake going to work but i think i'm actually working on this boat. i'm on boat in annapolis, and we are learning all about one of the coolest oldest boats in annapolis. you're captain mel, right. >> uh-huh. >> tell me where i am. >> you're in annapolis on the harbor queen. >> on the harbor queen, and i've been a resident of annapolis for a long time harbor queen has been even longer than me. tell me about the harbor of the hit -- history of harbor 14. >> 45 years this year and she takes people out 40 minute cruise seven ren river and the naval academy. >> i see that i'm considered a deck hand. >> yes. you're considered a captain. what do i got to do to get the captain badge. >> a few thing. you've completed the for us. >> we check that hull every day for water. you're down there checking for me so we can get that water out of there to prevent rust from the hull she can stay around 45 or plus more years. >> what else goes on on this boat on daily basis? >> we scrub
9:33 am
make her look clean. >> captain mel, do you have a bar? >> we do have bar. >> i could probably be a bartender. >> of course. >> that would be a good job for me. >> can i get my captain's stripes being a bartender. >> yes. >> do you some sweeping watch other kind of maintenance takes place on the boat. >> we definitely will take care of the preventative maintenance with the engines and just the detectives here, the chairs, and the heads. everything. >> how many people gather on your boat every year? do you have a sense of that? >> um, every day we take out -- we can hold 289 on board and it's usually in the springtime we get somewhere around that amount with school kids fourth grader that is come visit us and through the summertime we get upwards to 100, 150 on daily basis. >> that's fantastic. captain rick come on over here. everybody come up here. >> captain rick, what's the best part about being captain on this boat? >> well actually mel drives the boat. i'm a captain licensed captain but all
9:34 am
facilities. >> um-hmm. >> so make sure all the boats are ready. all the crew shows up on time, bar tents we are looking for a bartender. >> what's the hardest part of your job? >> staffing. making sure everybody is here on time. but i'll tell you -- >> when they get here they have so much fun they don't wanting to home. >> all right. step on in. come on. tell me your name. >> debbie. >> all right, debbie university been associated with this boat for how long. >> since 1972. >> 1972. >> yes. >> seen a lot of changings in annapolis? >> um, it gets better every year. >> doesn't it? it gets more beautiful all the time. >> so you guys are a landmark. thank you forgetting me try it here today. where is my honorary captain's hat. >> this way everybody. >> we're going this way. guys, i'll toss it back in to you. i've got my captain's hat. that's bar. hang on i'm really good at helping out at the bar. >> river run bar. >> all right, guys. >> back in to you. do some weather. i'll make drinks. >> is this where you're actually trying something, tucker? >> are you going to try your
9:35 am
ha >> yeah. i'm going try my hand at bartending make drink for myself and try it. >> there you go. >> rum punch. >> i'm in the sure there was any swabbing going on there of the deck. >> right? [ laughter ] all right. tucker sought there having whole lot of fun, mike thomas is in the loft having a whole lot of fun with sid. >> yeah, we are. >> with sid his dog. >> aww. >> ball down. the whole point -- all right. i love bringing him to work. >> i think you should bring him every friday that's my campaign. >> why not every day? >> it puts in you such a good mood to see him. >> baby steps, mike. >> one step at a time. it's national bring your dog to work day. >> yup. >> so that's why we have sid here. who has by the way running out of energy because it's been a long morning for him. >> he's done amazing. >> but we want to see -- if you got a work dog or if you just want to show off your dog, #gooddaydc send us pictures. we'd love to see them. >> absolutely. for sure. >> let's get to the weather forecast everybody is wondering what's happening with the weekend. this is what's l
9:36 am
not too much left. winds of only 15 miles an hour. at one time this storm was over the gulf. so it pick up a lot of gulf moisture and that's kind of that feel you feel outside today. heavy, it's sticky, that's all that gulf moisture that this storm kind of picked up, and look at this. it will be moving right overhead downtown d.c. as we head through your saturday morning. so are we done with the rain? could be a pop up shore but for dat bulk of it is done. it's overnight tonight into saturday morning that we have to watch out but then after that, i think we're okay. here we are at 12:30 according to future cast maybe peeks of sunshine poking through the clouds. fast forwarding to 7:30 there's a baseball game down tonight nats park. look north and west that's a cold front that will meet up give us the chance of heavy rain during the overnight and very early morning hours of your saturday. there's saturday 6:00 a.m. right through downtown d.c. might wake you up tomorrow morning. watch this. after that moves on
9:37 am
there we government we clear things out actually we're done for saturday once that round gets through in the morning. is your weekend a total mess? is it a wash out. absolutely not. all right. 76 degrees your current number in d.c. it's humid it's sticky feels like low 80s out there. 77 for manassas. 78 for culpeper. winchester 72. frederick 73 degrees. where we going? how about 88 degrees later on this afternoon. but you factor in the humidity if that sunshine breaks through it's going to feel like low to mid 99s out there. so do be aware of that. saturday we have the storms come through early in the morning. time we get to the afternoon afn warm it up, too. highs around that 90-degree mark for summertime. you'll want a break from the heat check this out. sunday 84 degrees. less humidity. beautiful day. look at monday and tuesday. highs in the low 80s to upper 70s. it's going to feel more like springtime than late june. nice little break from the heat. it heat returns later on next week. lots of sunshine. no rain on the forecast at all on the seven day after we get through tomorrow morning
9:38 am
weather wise coming up and get out enjoy it. weekend is not that bad after tomorrow morning. >> all right. guys that's the latest on the weather forecast. i'll send it back to you on the couch. >> sounds good, thanks mike. every zip trip we like to honor and take a moment the men and women who risk it all to save others it's a segment we call first responder friday and this morning, steve is hanging out with the team from the annapolis fire department. hey, steve. ya'll looking good out there. >> so i saw tucker earlier giving his best isaac impression on his love boat over there. so just in case he was messing around with any plameing drinks we've got the crew to keep things under control. this is chief stokes, captain springs because it's bring your work to work day, mike brought sid to work. who is this captain. >> tommy. >> what's he do,. >> he's my explosive detection k9 partner. >> how old is tommy. >> forayers old. >> what great partner to have. he's a good looking dog, too. >> thank you. >> hard worker i'm sure. >> very hard worker, yes, sir. >> chief, i want to brag on the d. i'll dot set up you can nail it here when it c
9:39 am
department obviously been around for very long time you've been member of a fire department a long time started right over here in east port career went a little away from annapolis now you're back. your department just got honor very few departments in the country get. what was that? >> welcome to historical annapolis. >> thank you. >> i'm proud to announce annapolis fire department just received iso pass one rating. so is a private agency that ranks fire departments from skill of one to ten. one being out staning. ten being no fire protection whatsoever. so there are 45,300 fire departments in this country. only 242 can say they have a class one rating. >> including now annapolis. >> congratulations guys. that's amazing. so i want to talk a little bit about the fire department here. how big avenue department is it, you have a little bit different of a role here because you're not protecting on land you protect on water. > so it's three fire
9:40 am
127 people, um, seven square mile city we run 11,000 calls year. and we obviously have a fire boat to respond and we have a bomb squad one of seven bomb squads in the state of maryland, and captain sprigs is commander of our bomb squad. >> captain it's not just tommy either you have several k9s. >> correct. we have four explosive detection d9s on the bomb squad and six bomb technicians. >> that's fantastic keeping everybody safe out here in an run dell county and the city of annapolis. listen we're on boat. we might as well take advantage of being on boat. why don't you show me around a little bit of this is your baby. tell me about boat. good to see you this morning. >> let's head inside. what do you do from the boat if just other boats fires that you put out or structures on land as well? what kind of reach do you have? good basically, we can good anywhere from as far as north of baltimore. we go south past deal anywhere on the waterways from the city, um, the boat has crossed with the engine crow if we get a boat call the engine call transfers to the boat. we get on the boat we have crew of
9:41 am
we've had the boats -- this boat is 2006 med craft. it has power behind this thing. >> twin turbo diesel engines. 500-horsepower total. >> i like it. >> our pump capacity we can flow up to 750 gallons a minute. >> how far does the water cannon shoot. >> we can reach easily 50 yards. >> whoo! not bad. can we take a peek inside. >> sure. come on in. i want to take a quick look while we're here on the water. how many people are in here at a time. >> we usually carry three at a time. the officer usually sits here he's plotting a course setting up the gps navigation. the operator where i sit is there and we have gps screen with radar. so at nighttime we can follow the gps as well as the radar to have our navigation al aids. we have a firefighter that generally sits here that will also watch another screen that we can have sonar capabilities if we're searching. >> you can do it all. >> okay. i know that when you're here, you're hard at work and saving people. youre saving structures and saving boats but you got heck of a view as well. >> it's great. >> thank you very much
9:42 am
thank the chief and the captain for being with us today. and of course, tommy, you were such a good boy. we appreciate you being out here and i will say one final note. while the chief was talking you may have heard him be rudely interrupted by another horn. i'm going say i don't know who was pushily the button but that's the boat tucker is on. i'm just saying, guys. there might be a little something hyped that. [ laughter ] >> oh, boy. >> i think your deductions are probably right, steve. >> that was really great. enjoyed it. >> 9:42 is the time. another prince george's county native en route to the nba. coming up next we're hearing from markelle fultz about getting picked number one. time right now 9:42. back in a moment. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event.
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in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event. >> back on good day an check this out. it's today's fox beat free friday and you can enter to see an unbelievable circus perform. you'll have to see it to believe. we're selecting five lucky people to win five tickets to the universoul circus on july 9th at fed he can field. each prize has approximate retail value of $176 and 50 cents. provided by universoul circus go to fox5 facebook page now through 11:59 p.m. for a chance to win. five winners selected by random drawing on june 26th. all entrants must be 18 or older complete rules available at fox5 now 45:00 is the time right now. it was a night where dreams
9:46 am
true. the nba making history because their top 15 picks were -- top five picks all freshman in college. one college freshman making prince george's county proud. >> with the first pick in the 2017 nba draft, the philadelphia 76ers select markelle fultz from the university of washington. >> markelle fultz graduated from demahta high school from upper marlboro. fultz said lofty goals for himself he wants to be rookie and mvp as rookie. it was cut from jv team only 5-foot nine as a sophomore and wasn't even voted as top basketball player by the time he was senior but today he's a 6-foot 4-inch tall guard nba guard and he's number one. >> nice. >> right now it's unbelievable really. i mean, something you say you want to do something gone out don it is unbelievable
9:47 am
forward myself and my family. i get a chance to take care of my family and i did something a lot of kids want to do. i'm just happy for it and like i said i'm blessed. like this is the dream come true really. just all the hard work i put in coming into this. i'm looking forward to going into this organization and just giving it my all. that's one thing that i always want to do. come in and give my all and then off the corter i want to give back to the city. >> fultz didn't make his first rocky mistake he was getting ready to go to the number one pick overall he was still ready for anything to happen. he posted this photo instagram with a caption that was clearly planned ahead for after he was picked. only thing is fultz accidentally posted it initially with fill in the team here and city fill in the team right there still in the caption. congratulations to him. >> um-hmm. >> it's amazing. always mazing to see when these guys he only played one year in college. when you're that that young and you get this tremendous opportunity. >> he only played e
9:48 am
15 of the topic only played one year in college. why are they requiring them to go back to college. >> why don't we go straight back to high school. >> it's the dumbest idea. they sign up to go to college play this first semester,. >> unone and done. >> they show up for class for the next semester they don't have to go to class any more. it's a waste of time. i don't know why the nba did this. for some reason there was some backlash about these guys going from high school to the pros. >> it never work out when they go from high school to the pros. oh, right. kobe bryant. >> kobe bryant. lebron james, kevin garnet. never ever works out. >> maybe they'll make some adjustments. >> what they should do, if they're going to do that and make them going to college they should go longer. >> it should be at least two years. >> at least two. >> the one and done i think ridiculous. >> it's a waste of time. >> lots to talk about right there. 9:48. coming up, there is no shortage of great food in annapolis and this morning two of the best the town has to offer are treating our zip trip team i'm sorry my mouth is watering it's had a toward get those words out getting a
9:49 am
barbecue and boat yard bar and grill that's next and if you guys want to take leftovers back to us we're hungry on the couch. we'll be right back. you know how your hair tangles the minute you wash it? new pantene. the first shampoo with active pro-v nutrient blends fueling hair 100% stronger that's instantly smoother and tangle free. because strong is beautiful.
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♪ all right. 9:51 and our favorite part of every zip trip well it's the footer. even if we're just living vier cariously here in the studio. time for the second and third stops on our culinary tour of annapolis and they are two favorites. >> for details let's send it back out to our friend steve. steve, we're jealous in here. good morning. >> so this is a first for me. i love food. i love the water. i never seen something like this. i am on a boat and that is a smoker and this is a delivery boat for barbecue. the brain child of mission barbecue and this is paul sadler with mission barbecue. this is an awesome idea. you actually take this out for deliveries? we do for parties and deliveries and catering events out on the water yup bring the food right out to you tie it up to the dock and get it done. >> how big of an area will you go to? i know your location is right up the street from city dock as far as the physical locate. how fa
9:53 am
area? >> we'll go just about anywhere that somebody really wants it. >> travels quite a bit. worry actually sent into events as well sent to virginia beach for couple of events as well. >> no kidding. >> yeah. >> is this an idea that's been around for while or did somebody just say we're delivering on land why don't we deliver on the water, too. >> that's pretty much how it came about. we moved down to dock street here, and this locate we couldn't have a smoker on the back of it we were able to get it done by land we figure if we can't have a truck to do it, let's do it by sea. >> all right. well we brought a little sample here. we didn't cook on the smoker here let's open it up and show off the foods right now. we got some ribs, pulled pork, we got some beans here. i'll let you play a little bit were you that. the only thing we don't have a captain or do we have a captain do we have captain somewhere? >> wait! somebody call for captain? >> that was really pore. come on out tucker. let you out of your cage if you want to try the food as well. >> we got food? >> paul is plating some of for you right now.
9:54 am
there you go. >> pulled pork. beans. >> amazing. >> folks want to come down on the actual restaurant you're located on dock street you said. >> paul right up the street. >> one from dock street right up the street here. what do you love about annapolis? >> what's not to love about annapolis? i mean it's absolutely beautiful down here. the people are absolutely fantastic. it's been very welcoming since we opened up here last year. we just turn a-year-old. >> it's great place to do business. >> we love it. i love the barbecue. you can't go wrong with that. >> that's delicious. >> tucker, i don't know if you need a fork so you don't have to use your fingers. >> thank you so thoughtful. i love the idea of a boat. when have you ever seen a boat that delivers barbecue right here in annapolis. >> that's what we bring you on the zip trips. paul thank you very much. appreciate it. i'll dive in for that. indira got plate for you as well. we'll try to bring some back if we can. no guarantee, guys. when it's out here, we'll zen the boat your way. >> i'll fire the boat up. >> maureen has got more as we continue to celebrate the tastes of annapolis. maureen. >> man if you didn't think you can top i can do boat yard bar
9:55 am
if you have not tasted their goods you're missing out this is dick the owner and this is george benson the chef extraordinary. dick... >> rock star chef indeed. >> tell us about the restaurant. >> it's right over there east port where all the boat yards are. that's why we call it the boat ward. >> exactly. >> and we sold 57,000 crabcakes last year we ship em everywhere. that must mean your crab is pretty good. >> it's the best. >> what's the saying you told me all killer no filler. >> all killer no filler. >> i like i. >> george tell us about our great food. >> what we have here is an array of fresh maryland seafood which is what we sell. >> um-hmm. >> we have a fresh local rock fish with fried green tomatoes and sauce. >> okay. okay. i'll put that down. >> we got maryland crabcake. >> that's the famous crab bring it on. >> famous crabcake. this is what put us on the map. >> when people come in is that the first thing they ask for the crabcakes. >> where are the crabcakes? >> where are the crabcakes.
9:56 am
i is the sandwich. >> okay. >> like i said all killer no filler. >> the should have shell crab. >> crisfield could be. pickled green beans. >> doing sandwiches too over there down there. what's that one. >> this is ocean city flounder blt. >> um-hmm. >> probably the second most popular. >> and in case you really don't want seafood i don't know who you are -- >> if you're a hater. >> if you're a hater. what's this right here. >> there's nothing to hate about this. >> irish roast beef dip. got cheddar cheese and tender roast beef and sweet tow pay tow fries. >> what's your favorite thing on the menu. >> i like anything from this way over here. >> crabcakes. >> crabcakes. >> crabcakes. >> 57,000 you. >> said you ship them everywhere in the world. overnight. >> see. no excuse not to try it. boat yard bar and grill right over the river right there. >> short swim. >> short swim. >> ten minute walk or water taxi and we give
9:57 am
sales to save the bay. >> if you're wondering why -- >> save the bay. >> they look good on tv they've been on the cooking channel, travel channel. nothing quiet as big as this. >> not quite as big as good day and the zip trip. their careers have been made. our pallets have been made. we'll start eating. see if we can back some. no promises. maybe we could ship you some. >> back in to you. >> we're to the going to hold our breath and wait on that. >> we know how this goes. >> i want to crabcake so bad. >> you'll probably have to go out there and get it. >> fair enough. >> i'm just saying. more time coming up. another hour on this friday, and one of the guests we have coming up, david banner of the hiphop world he's an actor, he's a media mogul he's got a lot of stuff going on. >> and johnny depp thought he was being funny the secret service not so much. we'll tell all about that. >> of course more zip trip fun on this friday. coming from annapolis. we'll be right back after this break. ♪ break. ♪ ♪ break. pro-tip. get these great smoked ribs. twenty minutes on the grill, they're done. you think he cares if i smoke ribs for six hours?
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♪ it's a must see friday on good day at 10a. >> live tv event from annapolis continues. fox5 viewer alert. get ready for friday flashback. you don't want to miss. just wait until you see who shows up at our zip trip at 10:50. trending right now, at 10a, nasa takes on an oscar winning star. lady gaga went hiking in what? and the new ken dolls make a stop in the loft. oh, barbie, don't be jealous. >> live in the loft grammy award winning rapper, producer, activist david banner the the rap super star is here at 10:30. tgif. ! let's go it in three, two, one, roll it. good day at 10a starts right now. ♪
10:02 am
oh, my gosh. working for the weekend and wouldn't it be nice to be spending the weekend in annapolis. look at that. our zip trip crew is there. they are life. the rain has stopped. sun maybe trying to peek through the clouds later. >> right, right. nonetheless lot planned over the next hour we want to share with but right now we want to say good day d.c. i'm holly morris alongside of annie, wisdom and paul wharton. >> aka d.c. ken doll, right. [ laughter ] >> yes. >> i love it. >> they should have made ken doll after that would be awesome they only made 15, though. >> yeah, right. >> we're glad you're with us. >> good to see you guys. >> first at 10:00 we have to talk about the weather because we're off to wet start to the weekend so how long will this rain last? that's the big question. details now tucker barnes live in annapolis with a first check of the forecast. good morning to you, tucker barnes. >> good morning. wisdom i'm out on water taxi this is electric water taxi we'll learn all about it. i'm
10:03 am
colleagues eating all the grapes. you can feed me one of those games. >> what? >> that's cute. >> let's go to the weather. wisdom mentioned it. listen the good news we're done witness bulk of the rain activity for today. in fact as we get into the afternoon hours mostly warm and humid with highs in the upper 80s expected this afternoon. looking live at our current conditions we're looking at temperatures right now which are in the 70s. we're expecting highs in the 80s later today and radar will show you if you're looking at that that we're looking at generally cloudy skies. i can tell you here in annapolis it's mostly cloudy. a few rays of sunshine over the last couple of hours but for the most part it remains cloudy out here, and your forecast for later this afternoon, it's all about just warm and very humid temperatures, warm and very humid conditions. >> tropical conditions. >> a little caviar please, captain? may we? [ laughter ] >> just a tad more. >> 88 this afternoon. i think we'll keep it dry later today. we have another round of showers and thunderstorms overnight tonight and early tomorrow. more and
10:04 am
grape right now. you guys are funny. >> all right. okay. take it away. [ laughter ] >> they're choking me on grapes. >> that is mildly disturbing. >> i know, right? >> a number of different levels. >> did you say mildly. >> all right. time now is 10:04b we check what's trending, erin como back with a check of what's making headlines this morning. >> thank you very much. well, first up in the news republican leaders in the senate are facing an uphill battle in their push to approve their version of a bill to replace the affordable care act. a number of republicans have raised concern about items in the bill. creating a math problem when it comes time to vote. no democrat is expected to vote for the bill which means republicans can only afford to have two no votes for the bill to still pass. but members of both parties say they're willing to negotiate. president trump still thinks he can get the gop members who don't like the bill on board. johnny depp is facing critis
10:05 am
about president trump. while he was introducing a screen of his -- screening of his film the liberty he told the crowd quote when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? this isn't the first time he's spoken out publicly against the president either. a win for a wisconsin inmate featured in the netflix series making a murderer. a judge ruled thursday brendan dassey was coerced into confessing in 2007 dassey was sentenced to life in prison after telling detectives he helped his uncle rape and kill theresa hall bock a judge overturned dassey's conviction last summer and app a peels court now dassey should be freed unless the state wants to retryy so more to come on that. teens aren't having as much sex. at least according health officials. researchers believe that hiv is one of the main reasons teens think twice before having sex these days. this age group also appears to be more aware of the life long consequences of pregnancy. and finally, let's take you out to the
10:06 am
freeze done it again. the at land braves masked racer claimed another victim last night. the braves fan was racing the freeze but embarrassed himself when he tripped look at this, oh, and took a tumble in slow-mo there. the freeze just blue by him. the freeze is not remorseful for his ax. he openly bragged about his feet on twitter. i guess that guy got little nervous. he was in the lead. >> hold up. >> hold on. >> what, wis. >> hold the presses. >> this same thing happened last week. um-hmm. >> or two weeks ago. >> that guy didn't trip. that guy start the celebrating too early. >> still fell. >> you're trying to tell me in a same race at the same stadium almost the same thing happened again? >> it's a plan. >> you think it's a plan. >> you saw the video. nothing fish show went down. >> the fix is in, annie. he's saying he fell on purpose. >> nothing can be fishy on a video. >> go viral. >> i think the freeze might be that good. >> good enough to run past people and have them fall down
10:07 am
right when you get close to the finish line. >> i think you're on to something, brother. >> thank you, paul. thank you for co signing on that. >> the girls choose to believe the world is better than that. >> thank you holly we're moving on to the neck thing because the world is good when it comes to our hometown heroes that's why we like to spotlight special people each and every week at our fox5 zip trip. we'll go back out to steve and maureen doing just that in annapolis. hey, guys. >> very nice to meet you. >> hey, good morning to you. yes, we do love to honor people. we found two mazing people to fit the bill. >> here's the thing we've actually spotlighted you guys before when we've been to annapolis but always been at the restaurant. this is ted and beth from chick and ruth's deli just famous establishment here in annapolis. >> an institution. if you're wondering the connection chick and ruth are whom. >> my parents. >> how long have you been with the restaurant? >> have years. been working there since i was eight years old. my wife has been working 30 some years ever since we got married. >> oh, my goness. i was just telling them earlier when we the mayor and county executive on
10:08 am
too sandwiches they both had sandwiches named each other. >> what do we do to get sandwiches named after us are the good day crew. >> we have to go there a lot. >> a lot. >> fair deal. >> here's the thing restaurant is an establishment but not just the food there. you guys have really taken a lot of time, effort and money to pay honor to lot of great causes but including our u.s. military. >> facially. we do the pledge every day for the last 28 years, seven days week we do it just because we can and my wife and i decided that instead of just doing the walk we want to talk the talk. >> i love it. >> we wanted to walk the walk we set up face in the valor usa. 43 faces on the car. representing every service branch including police, fire and ems. pictures from world war ii up until today's confrontation and year which is this sunday at out back in annapolis and elks club we have motorcycle ride and classic car show. every year we honor soldier this year we're captain lewes avila. pack paralyzed from his neck
10:09 am
suburban that will be handicapped accessible for him and his family. >> no one gets person. everybody volunteers. we finish basement off and put elevators in. we do different things for soldiers police whatever they need. >> angels on earth. i would imagine it's emotional when people see this vehicle and they hear about what you're doing. i would imagine the emotions are so -- >> you don know. we have all these motorcycle guys and there's not dry eye in the whole place. the guy we're honoring this year he can barely singing but he's singing god bless america. >> that's amazing. >> to watch what these soldiers do and to think how badly injured they've been and how they've come back and their attitudes are so wonderful it's the least we could do for them. >> i'm shire of sure there's no shortage of help and donations but you can always use more. >> absolutely. >> how can folks go out. >> faces of valor faces of valor usa had the organize. make pledges online. it has the address and thereou
10:10 am
you can show up on sunday. you can actually register online for motorcycle ride which police he is cored through town it's the only police escorted ride through annapolis. it will end up at the elks. we escort the honoree and bow seven, 800 people there. about 60,000 we normally raise about a hundred thousand year. we need a little more. >> let's push it and give more. >> get to the 100,000 mark and help out as much as we can. every time we come out a zip trip we like to spotlight the local community and businesses and restaurants and the food we love it even more when the story behind sit so great and we know that you guys are giving back. >> thank you. >> very small token of our appreciation. we want to give you our hometown hero award for annapolis you guys have more than earned it and earned way more than this we wanted to show little bit of our appreciation to you guys today. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thanks so much. >> ththanks for everything do y. >> ted and beth chick and ruth's establishment. >> great to seat story and all the good behind it. >> thank you. >> honored. >> tendon it back to
10:11 am
>> love it. >> thank ya'll. time now 10:10. he is a grammy award winner a philanthropist, activist an mississippi native. no we're not talking about our very own wisdom martin. we're talking about rapper david banner and he's live in the loft. we'll check in with him coming up. >> plus nasa taking on gwen g goop. trolling fans with new bag have you seen it 1200 bucks. and the og wonder woman getting the credit she deserves. we'll have check of what's trending on 10a next. >> let's check in with our junior reporter for look what else is coming up this hour. good morning. >> reporter: hi, i'm sophia dense. i'm seventh grader at saint mari' and today's junior reporter. this morning we will celebrate student athletes from saint mary's as our hometown team interview rapper david banner, see annapolis by the water and a fox5 flashback surprise you will not want to miss. trust me.
10:12 am
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♪ having in depth discussion on new ken barbie dolls we'll share in just a moment but first, it's 10:14. that means it is time to check what is trending. wis? >> all right.
10:15 am
paltrow's goop. the space agency call out the oscar winner over healing stickers sold boy her lifestyle brand company goop. the site promoted them by saying they're made with the same conductive carbon material nasa uses to line space suits. here's the problem. nasa doesn't use carbon material to line its suits. >> nope. >> she got gooped. >> she got gooped big time by nasa. nasa mention has since been removed from goop. >> has is the person who wrote that line in there. >> yeah. >> has been removed from the goop company. >> would be my guess. >> the sag goes if it's not broke, don't mix of fix it world fashion designer balenciaga has done it again. they've created brand new shopping bag tote that costs plenty of coin. earlier this year the high end designer made headlines for creating a more than $2,100 bag that looked like ikea bag. i have an alternative for that. right? >> this latest shopping bag costs more than
10:16 am
and here's something else. that is costing mentee of coins. what's that? but you can get it from -- for pennies at staples. this prada paper clip being sold now for the low price of $185. >> what? >> i think we shall rush right out after the show and get it but it's not pay day. [ laughter ] >> according to the store, the product is actually a paper clip shaped money clip. okay. many people use their twitter fingers slamming products saying this is just felt totally ridiculous. >> paper clips at my house sell for a dollar. >> high end money clip. >> i mean -- >> if off lot of money you could -- to put in a clip like that you could probably of a for the clip. >> sure. >> right. >> you're just paying for the name. like anything designer. >> that's exactly what it is. >> anything designer is over priced. you're paying for the name. >> sneakers. it doesn't mahwah it is. >> what do you think about sunglasses? i think that's like -- >> there's some quality as spec it to. >> no, no new york city. >> most of is the brand named. >> you can get the
10:17 am
for a lot less. >> you can get a great pair of sunglasses or 30 bucks or you can go to brad today or balenciaga and pay 600 books. can you put that much quality material into that difference. >> you're paying for the name. >> you leave them in uber. >> it's all for show then. >> exactly. >> it's a money clip. it's in your pocket in your wallet in your coat it's a money clip. >> you need some money. here let me show you this over priced -- >> let me turn it around and mack sure you see the prada. >> somebody thinks it's a paper club and uses it paper clip. >> they have papers together and take a paper clip off and toss it away. >> that's $185! >> exactly. >> all right. we all know that lady gaga sleighs anywhere she goes. the stage, the runway and now even the woods. yes, the woods. yesterday mother monster was spotted going for, you know a casual stroll through the woods in montague, new york, except look at this her attire not so casual because she decided to dress like a queen that she is, lady gaga was caught strutting along a derr path in
10:18 am
maxie skirt, black ruffled stop and nude stilettos, with gold hoops, round shaped frames and evident less ponytail. there's nothing effort less about her. >> all in the woods. >> those shades are like six, $700. >> i was just in montauk. i didn't see anything like that walking around. >> can you see a scenario where you walk out of house going to trail looking like that. >> if it was tuesday, sure. [ laughter ] >> going to trail in the woods. >> lady gaga you're on a whole different level. >> it might depend on who i'm meeting in the woods, annie. >> exactly. >> you know what i'm saying. >> meet you in the woods, okay. >> that's something different. why not, though. >> in the woods? why not? >> okay. all right. >> why not? sure. >> mantra for life. >> why not? >> hash tag why not? hey listen wonder woman she's fought bad guys for decades, right? they that is a real invisible jet, gold lasso. but couple she
10:19 am
star on the hollywood walk of fame? well, that's going to change. actress linda carter is among several celebs who will get stars in 2018. carter starred as wonder woman on tv from 1976 to '79 and that led to a decade long actor -- acting and singing career. other celebs who will get stars next year include snoop dog, weird al jang kovich, tara gee p. henson, simon cowell, carrie underwood, mary j. blige and minute miranda. >> they didn't have the glass jet in the movie. >> it was invisible. [ laughter ] let's move on. move over barbie because there's new fashionista on the scene. tour maker -- toy maker mattel plans to do a make over barbie's one time blue eyed boyfriend ken getting makeover. the company has rolled out new
10:20 am
line in an effort to hd add diversity and fashion and hairstyles ethnicities and body type to the ken doll. a total of 15 different ken dolls are coming out between now and the end of the year. and feature seven, seven different skin tones and a variety of hairstyles including corn rows, man buns and array of styles from business casual to athletic chic much this morning we got few right her on the table. we need to check out. >> where is the one with the dad bod? >> where is the one with the man bun. >> here's man bun. >> there's man bun. >> where is the one with the blow out? >> here's man bun. >> that's in the next 15. >> the next 15. >> let me say something. you know, i did the casting for america's neck top model for 16 cycles in this market and this is a slow evolution i think any change is good. any time a kid can see themselves represented in a doll i think it's a great thing. however, all of these dolls are tyra approved. i mean they all look like super models even the broad. the broad physi
10:21 am
>> it's barbie line. >> have you seen an ugly barbie? >> well, it's an evolution. >> you claim this is the asian one i was like where is the asian barbie. how do you know this is the asian barbie. >> i look it up oh and leap. >> oh did you. >> you couldn't tell by looking at. >> why does the asian one have to have glasses. >> they're also not defining the body types. the original. they're broad and there's skinny. >> where is broad? >> who is broad? >> i see variety but i don't see a lot of variety. right. i see the beautiful ken. >> i still maintain -- do you think there's a marketplace for 15 different styles of ken? >> sure. >> really. >> absolutely. i remember -- >> i think so. i didn't really play too much with dolls when i was kid. i remember when i did they didn't look like me. my dad was be proud of who you are. i remember feeling like i was doing something wrong. you know. so this will help in its own way and as time goes on, they'll add more body styles. >> i'm with you. >> any advance system a good thing. but i would appreciate a little more, a little more variety. >> these are all still
10:22 am
similar. >> i need more diversity and options on the shelves. >> a lot more good day at 10a rolling your way neck. 10:21 is our time and our zip trip continues live from annapolis so don't go anywhere. we're having a whole lot of fun on friday. we don't want to you miss it ♪ fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. now with our new fios gigabit connection, you get amazing download speeds up to 940 megs. it's 20 times faster than most people have. you get more speed that allows you to do more of the things you love. like binge watching game of thrones on multiple devices... while your son hosts a massive gaming tournament. and your daughter live streams yet another 4k video of herself singing... all at the same time. and the price is pretty amazing too. it's $79.99 a month.
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for one year and you'll also get tv, hbo and multi-room dvr service. leave cable's slower internet speeds behind. switch now to fios gigabit connection for $79.99 and get tv, and phone, plus 2 years of hbo and multi-room dvr service. all with a 2-year agreement. so hurry up and switch. offer ends june 30th. get it now at z2ejcz z16fz y2ejcy y16fy
10:24 am
>> my favorite time of the week. junior reporter. welcome back. welcome back. time to our junior reporter this morning out here in annapolis. i'm joined by sophia did i get your name right. >> yup
10:25 am
>> yes. >> all right. and you go to saint mary's. >> yes. which is a well known school around here. saint mary's very well known in annapolis. tell me about the best part -- because i see a lot of saint mary's representation. tell me about the best part of saint mary's. >> being with all our friends and getting a catholic education. >> it's great. >> um-hmm. >> you're out for the summer. >> yes. what kind of plans do you have this summer. >> go at the beach and play in the pool with my friends. >> i have one more question because you take over this is your segment. what's the best part about annapolis? >> um, like being downtown and all the if you things you can do like getting ice cream and going with your friends. >> i know it's pretty amazing senate. really cool place. you get out on the water very often? >> yeah, we go on our friends boat a lot. >> that's great. okay. i'm going to hand you this microphone you can ask me any question you want. >> okay. >> as long as i can answer it. >> okay. >> okay. i don't have a lot -- here we government ready. >> what's your favorite part about living in maryland. >> my favorite part of maryland i love weather i love all the seasons in maryland. don't you love it in the summertime it's hot and humid and our hairs are blowing everywhere in e
10:26 am
snow in maryland. so i love the four seasons here. i think that's my favorite part about maryland. >> what's your favorite thing to do downtown? >> in annapolis? well, i like to kayak when i come down to annapolis. get on the water. i love to walk up and down main streets because there's so many fun shops. i like to hang out and watch people walk by. i love the boats that come and in out and one day i'll have a boat locate that. i don't. i have kayak. >> what's your favorite thing to do on the water? >> well, my favorite thing to do is to bronze myself -- i'm just kidding. [ laughter ] >> i don't get out on the water very often to be honest with you. go fishing. >> i like fishing. >> few of my viewers have promised to take me fishing. they haven't done it yet. one more question. >> what's your favorite color? >> oh, my gosh. you're getting deep on me. i think i like red because that's -- that's the shirt i'm wearing right now. >> s were your favorite color. >> blue. >> sophia, thank you for joining you. >> you're welcome. >> wait this is the most important part. you got to remember this. we have annie, wisdom,
10:27 am
erin. you need to toss into all of those people and say back to y you. >> back to you. >> no, not that fast. you going to -- and paul. >> holly, erin, wisdom, paul annie. everybody. >> back to you. [ laughter ] >> all right. >> yup. >> i love her. smart. >> right to the point. >> way to stand up to the pressure, young lady. you did just fine. >> that covers it all. >> 10:27 is the time. he's the hiphop star behind hits like play and like a pimp. may have heard those songs if you're hiphop. he also just -- happens to be from jackson mississippi and now he's out with a new album. he's in d.c. for a special event to focus on the future of the black community. coming up next david banner joins us live in the loft. >> plus we'll head back out to the gang out in annapolis where steve is hanging out with today's hometown team. right now 10:27. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪♪
10:28 am
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tection you and your dog will love. nexgard. the vet's #1 choice.
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♪ welcome back women breaking news we want to get to major delays on metro red line. you're looking at two shot there is on the left hand side. i believe that's dupont circle. on the right happened side is van ness u d.c. stop and that's where martin dicaro is. martin, update us on what's going on here. >> reporter: as you mentioned live outside van ness station on connecticut avenue the of a usually a disaster at this hour. made worse
10:31 am
angry and justifiably so metro rail riders who are trying to get to work. and it's not working. shuttles were requested here at around 9:45. at least that's when metro put it out on their initial twitter feed. the initial call for shuttles to help people get around the rail closure between van ness and dew point. shuttles haven't shown up. metro employee just came by the megaphone saying they'd have some information shortly. a gentleman getting in an uber. i bet that surge pricing is n nice. no shuttles have shown up. people are at a loss. what do you do the trains aren't running. there are no buses coming much traffic is backed up and this is just days before metro raises fares and cuts service after year of track work that was designed to well put an toned these types of disruptions. >> we were hearing that the first incident was reported just after 8:00 o'clock. so are you saying for the last like two and a half hours not one shuttle has shown up? >> reporter: that first incident was higher up on the western end of the red line in an area of the track
10:32 am
i'm going move around little bit soak you can see the extent of the crowds here as i answer your question. that was the first arcing insulator report of the morning. this is the second report of an arcing insulator this morning. lower down on and the red line so we've had two. the first one was resolved pretty quickly. this one has not been resolved ququickly and i continue going north on connecticut avenue. you can see this monstrous line of people. this is probably two, 300 people here waiting in vain for transportation. >> so martin, just to clarify fours much the first incident was up by grosvenor. this one was down near dupont. what's the exact section where the service is suspended. >> reporter: van ness to dupont circle no red lion service either direction. >> okay. >> wow. >> that's quite the scene there. we sure appreciate you showing us what's going on and keeping to date with wt'
10:33 am
out there. we'll continue to monitor it throughout the morning. thanks martin. >> reporter: okay. >> check back in a few. frustrating to say the least. let's talk about something a little more positive, wisdom. i think you've got that. >> all right. you're right. 10:33 is the time. our next guest needs to introduction because he is a multi if as is heed hiphop veteran not only is he a rapper with hits like play like a pimp and shorty say, he's also a grammy award winner producer an activate. we're talking about david banner who new released a political album charge -- charged album called the live box. he's live in the loft to talk about the all bum how he went from homeless to a super star. >> i was homeless. [ laughter ] >> no doubt. ain't no halfway homeless. >> pretty much homeless to super star. good morning to you sir. >> good morning. >> do they know where you're from. >> we mississippi home boys. >> and not only that, in the same conference when it comes t
10:34 am
sports the west to southern baton rouge. i went to jackson street but it's all good. >> i was looking at myself in the camera i'm actually very track tiff. [ laughter ] david, good to see you. >> good to be here. >> tell the people why you're in town. why i'm in town because i'm speaking at the power talk conference tonight. we're honoring dick gregory. >> yup. >> to be honest with you, you know, i've been doing a lot of stuff politically, but that's just what we do. that's what i believe men supposed to be in their community but the elders have really embraced me as maybe being one of the people who can help push our culture forward. and to be, you know, for them to even ask me to come and present tonight for somebody as powerful as dick gregory, you know, i like to thank d.c. i actually went to grad school at university of maryland eastern shore. so i spent a lot of time in this area and dc has always embraced me. so for mow to be able to do that, i'm definitely
10:35 am
>> what is it about hiphop, you are taking on a more active role in hiphop. we get a lot of negativity when it comes to the hiphop world. you seem to be taking an active role and jumping out there and trying to make change. why did you decide to go that route? >> let me say one thing really quick. hiphop is a direct -- i actually defended in d.c. i defended our first amendment rights after the don i man situation want i told the people in congress is that hiphop is a direct reflection of our communities. people look at a time music and want to judge the music but never wanting to do anything in the communities they would give the kids something knew to talk about. if you want us to rap about roses come and plant some. [ laughter ] >> but i'm becoming an elder now, and you know, i have nieces and some of the things that we do and we talk about is part of what we're going through, but then i started noticing that i had to stake take some responsibility in order to make it better in the place that is i'm from and i did that and what is surprising is that these kids are really really really
10:36 am
proud to be able to take that position. so and purchase the god box right now. if you love me ladies actually what they don't know about my album -- >> what's that. >> the women can actually take -- it has like loofa on the top of the album cover they can take the cover and when they shower they can use the front of the cover to exfoliate themselves. >> is that right? is that right? [ laughter ] >> okay. all right. [ laughter ] >> tell me about your music and the god box while they're exfoliating themselves in the shower. >> the god box is just a conglomerate effort of all the things i've gone through and socially i just got an e-mail on, um, on twitter where a young lady was telling me that, you know, she had a son that was having problems with so many young black men being murdered, you know, and on video tape, and he didn't know how to get this frustrations out she brought the god box for him. and she said, that, you know, just me being able to articulate how i fel
10:37 am
opportunity to get out his frustrations, and that sort of what the god box is. just, you know, a conglomerate effort of music that sounds really good. that's really explaining our side of what's going on in society. and it came out when it came out three weeks ago it was the number one rap album on i tunes it's 100% independent. >> right. right. >> i'm proud. >> all right. >> dc, go buy it. >> go buy it. look we're talking about your successes here but a lot of people might not necessarily know about your struggles because we talked about you were in a van. >> yes. in trig to get your stuff together. >> yes. >> you were homeless. >> right. i tell a quick story. >> i know we have limited time. >> um-hmm. >> when i was going through birmingham, alabama, i was moving back to mississippi from atlanta, everything that i had was stolen. they took my whole van and everything while i was moving. i ended up leaving birmingham. i was coming back three months later i got a call from universal said they wanted t
10:38 am
i happened to be riding through birmingham and i stopped in birmingham and signed my contract in kinko's. so everything was taken away from me in the van that i was sleeping in and $10 million of it was given back. [ laughter ] >> so you know me saying that, um, i always tell the children as you have to listen to that spirit of the most high in you and it will direct you to everything that you want. >> all right. good words of wisdom right there. any more acting coming up you've in black snake, the butler. >> 20 movies. >> you got 20 movies? >> 20 movies. i is a new album -- new movie coming out with sony pictures actually a second film that i'm actually starring in called never heard. >> okay. >> it will be out in sony films end of the summer. >> all right. david banner, ladies and gentlemen, continued suck. >> i appreciate it. >> good to see you representing mississippi over here the dirty south. >> thank you. >> you want them to buy it. >> buy it right now. everywhere that you get the album and if you need more information, hit me up on
10:39 am
>> all right. thank you david. >> let's go out to steve chenevey now. he's going to talk about a zip trip in annapolis. here we go. >> hey, what's up? here's the deal. this is coach jason right now we're with saint mary's i tell was annapolis was not awesome enough to be here and down by the water imagine going to school about two blocks from where we're standing right now the amazing thing that everybody has to do here. now, jason is the football coach at saint mary's but we have represented cross country team, volleyball team, we have field hockey over here, everybody is representing here all the great folks coming out from saint mary's coach i want to talk to you real quick about what it's like to be here in annapolis, because you've actually been here longer than you've been coaching. >> i've been here 17 years coaching about six years here. >> what did you like about annapolis? >> it's great. it's great little town. especially going to school here. right up the street two blocks down. kids are able to come out, hang out here. after school we go to starbucks, mow's plenty of places to eat it's
10:40 am
city but a small city. >> we had rain earlier this morning. i'm not going lie. we had to adjust our plans like everybody else does. did you give the guys the morning off. >> negative. negative. we were out 7:00 o'clock in the morning. we're out there every friday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, running we today lot of running and bag pushes. they had good time. actually a fun time. the rain was coming down. it wasn't so hot. >> finish strong last season. >> we started out slow. one and six. but we finished won our last free and we beat severn which is good for us to beat severn. >> luke, what year are you? >> i'm going to a senior. >> you've been with the team for a little bit now. didn't run the table last your but finished strong and beat the rifle d that count as a winning season. >> i think so much that's my opinion. severn if we win it's always great season. >> comes down to the big game the what's on tap for next year how are you going to make things better. >> no doubt we have to beat severn. maybe we can get a ring this year that would be great. i think this will be the year. great group of guys always out here
10:41 am
in the summer hard work. i think -- i think we'll have a good season this year. >> all right. we wish you the guys the best season. by the way the folks in the back here ones that make it happen back here just because they're trying to hide back there when it comes to the engine that's running saint mary's there it is right there. thank you very much for coming and helping us out today. thank you guys all for being out here all the sports representing the students at saint mary's i see it right there the pride on your shirts today. it is our honor to be here today. we just have a little token to give you our hometown team award to saint mary's high school. i know it's not much. but we wanted to make sure that we left you with a little something for all the great work do you here. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> all the athletes, all the students, everybody, the administration here with saint mari' wes wish ally best today and every other day and super jealous you get to have starbucks and hang out on the dock every day after school as well. best wishes to all your respective seasons. we'll send it back inside to y you. >> that's pitt pretty good way to spend afternoon. star buck on the dock. eagle al until annapolis. listen, speaking of eagle
10:42 am
and boats all the perks of owning a boat without actually buying one. >> okay. always just have a friend with a boat. coming up next maureen is learning all about what it takes to become the captain of one of annapolis' electric boats. 10:42 is our time right now. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ hey! ♪ ♪ bee to hive to the comb ♪ ♪ combing that honey ♪ ♪ into some gold ♪ ♪ take that gold and make it an o ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around hey! ♪
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we want to update you on breaking news about metro red line. good nouse act
10:45 am
the service has been restored 20 dupont and van ness. so that has been resolved but what we saw from our live pictures and he is specially from where martin was at van ness u d.c. stop lots of people were waiting to get on a shuttle there so probably take some time obviously for things to smooth out and everyone to get where they need to go but the headline right now the red line service between dupont and van ness has been restored after an arcing incident this morning. >> all right. time now ten confidential 45. it may not be the best day to spend out on the water, but for some people there's really no bad day on the water, right? but if you always wanted to, you can take in spin and -- sorry about that. no boating experience we just have the thing to do and for details we'll head back to maureen in nap place. hey, maureen. >> hey, cheers. >> cheers, guys. >> cheers everybody. >> listen, welcome aboard. >> this is perfect day to be out on the water the sun is coming out we've got this amazing boat with all of these goodies. and this is not just any boat, guys, right, because this is what you call an
10:46 am
>> this is electric boat. >> this is greg horn one of the owners of this, and sherri hewitt off cam rat co owner. what is an electric boat. >> this is duffy electric boat run off of golf cart batteries. it's extremely quiet. it's great trip for people to come in and go in the back creeks. you can hold a conversation. >> um-hmm. >> be able to talk amongst yourself excellent way to see the water ways and the incredible boats we have behind us an mazing homes an nice way to tour annapolis. >> so beautiful. >> i'm guessing these are not your drag boats out on the water? >> these are -- >> this is nor a face lease surely cruise. >> the maximum speed limit inside this water way is six knots the maximum speed limit of this boat. >> perfect. >> you don't have to worry about exceeding speed limits it's meant to be a comfortable ride take your time and take in the sights. > so the key behind your business you rent these boats to people that want to have that spent sp end day on the water. >> that's correct. w
10:47 am
though to rent a boat like? you have to have a license, any certain information. >> july 1st 1972 anyone born after that needs boater's certificate which if you don't have a boater certificate -- >> we're in. >> did you make the mark. >> i made it. >> no he did no. >> i can pilot tanker. >> before that, you're free. >> we can get i was temporary boater's certificate if you need anybody before that just needs to have driver's license. >> yes. see what i'm saying. >> we'll give you a briefing and talk about the waves and rules of the water. >> let me be clear about if i'm born before 1972 i'm major a huge boat. >> you can talk somebody into letting you drive it. >> exactly. >> what do you recommend if somebody wants to come out don this and say i want to bring a couple of people he we want to spend the day on the water where do they recommend they go, what should she see. >> stay right in this area. >> the typical run is two to three hours. and a two hour -- nice two to three hour run start out here at the chart house and go out to back creek and see that side. that's more of what i consider kind of the working class
10:48 am
historically that's where the oyster shucking is taking place i like to finish up on spa creek. youve got famous homes of famous people reside there. >> yes. >> and amazing boats and that's a nice way to end up. >> beautiful area. >> greg f-1 wants to rent these how can they do. >> our website aep our phone number 44434332129. >> also media plaid forms. >> all facebook and thaw good stuff. >> if we never piloted a boat before, can we do it. >> that's been the fun experience for me personally to have people that have never been on boats never driven boats. i actually had someone lived here their entire life and never been on this water. >> let's get you on the boat. >> here's what i think. i think we should come out maureen and do it. >> tucker should saint paper work. >> yes. >> tuckster is responsible. >> he's been calling himself captain all day. >> captain barnes. >> where did your hat go. >> i gave my hat away
10:49 am
i'm an honorary captain i was told. >> cheers to you. cheers to electric boat. >> i appreciate it. >> beautiful boat. >> thank you. >> thanks guy. back in to you. >> all right. rocking out there, right. >> sure having fun. >> 10:49. coming up next, a blast from fox5's past. we'll head back out to annapolis to say cheers to the weekend with an old friend. we'll be right back. very cool. that looks good. ♪
10:50 am
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10:52 am
♪ raise a glass, honey. now that's our mantra. >> yes. our trip to annapolis is almost over. that means it's time for our favorite part raising a glass to the weekend. >> what are you doing over. >> right. let's head back out to the zip trip team for a little flashback friday because it's 5:00 o'clock somewhere. good morning, steve. >> who is this guy that's my biggest question. fox5 viewers remember our good friend brian balder lock time fox5 anchor. >> four years now one of our guests here good to see you my friend. >> i'm great. funny story i was in nashville last weekend flying back and at the airport let me just pick a
10:53 am
magazine i'm in tennessee it's bourbon and tennessee ten in the area and i see the best bourbon bars in america and who's on that list, dry 85. brian balloter's establishment in downtown annapolis. congratulations. >> it's a big honor. >> you took a leap of fame few years ago when you left fox5. you opened wine bar. >> right. >> let me get to my real passion here which is good burr bound and whiskey. first of all, i know you loved annapolis for a long time before you set up shop business wise here. >> welcome to our town. >> it seems getting better the town and everything about it and for you especially. >> things have been busy tremendous honor for the whiskey advocate we've been named one of the top 75 bourbon bars by another publication. it put us on national stages were really nice. >> what do you love about annapolis. not only do i want to live here because you lived here before you opened up the businesses i want to dedicate to having my entire life here. >> it doesn't hurt to have two bars in a
10:54 am
drinking down with a saline problem. that doesn't hurt. but beautiful waterfront. amazing people in this town. got all the luxuries of a big city but in a small town. >> what a grace working on over here. >> whiskey sour. grace tell me what goes into the whiskey sour and we also are making our laid back which is one of grace's drinks. >> what's in the laid back. >> laid back begin based. gin and juice. fresh squeezed lemon juice, let me money lavender simple zero rut. white wine and mut telled strawberries. topped with a mint foam. >> we have a joke is it the best cocktail or the best cocktail ever. >> can he can't figure it out. >> dud do that yourself. >> yup. >> fancy. i like it. >> stencil bitters. >> there's lot of whiskey bars out there. a lot of bars it there. you mentioned annapolis long been known as drinking town. >> yup. >> what do you do to set yourself apart from that. >> one of things we got written in whiskey advocate our private barrel program. if you told
10:55 am
i'd be going to louisville and kentucky three times a year i would have told you you're crazy i'll go through will distilleries and taste private barrels i find one i like they bottle it for us. i made my own private makers mark blend one of our latest u-crew never taste that anywhere else. >> you get to dip every bottle or the first one. >> they made me sign every bottle for sure. >> what's next for you. red read bar. dry 85 now. you're not going to quit there. >> i couldn't come to fox5 after four years and not have fox5 exclusive which i have not said in so many years. [ laughter ] >> but can't i let the cat out of the bag too much but we'll have a major expansion plan announcement. we hope knot knock on wood next wednesday. >> you'll have to stay tune. it's a tease. >> the art of the tease as you know. >> i know. one long commercial break until wednesday until we get the rest of the story. brian we're so happy for your success. >> look at this. >> girl
10:56 am
>> missed you bud. >> get the kids in here. >> if you guys brian kids they're grown. >> are they here. >> they're right behind you hiding. >> come on over. >> brian, great to see you. >> this is michael from novak. >> that's right. >> novak we stay say safe. [ laughter ] >> keep wondering. >> hard hats for everybody. hi guys good to see you. >> look at them. they're like no longer babes. this little at fox and look at them. >> we literally have pictures on the news of both of them in the hospital when they were born. >> look at them. >> time flies. >> i remember. can we get drinking. >> let's do it. >> while they get drinking brian, final word what do you recommend people do when he that come to annapolis head for nice cold beverage. >> city dock is a wonderful area which we're at. we suggest people take walk through town walk up the street. up main street that's where we are take a walk over to maryland avenue. this town is so walkable and so beautiful and so much history. you're literally taking steps to george washington took. >> you don't have your earpiece it in more but they're wrapping us right
10:57 am
>> what time do you open. >> we're open now. >> stafford county. >> stafford, virginia. >> see ya guys. >> life after news is good. z2ejcz z16fz
10:58 am
y2ejcy y16fy
10:59 am
oh hey! it's me mom, catching some side eye. first rule of motherhood. someone's always judging. breastfeeding, didn't work out. guess what? world's still turning. yeah, i bribe my kids. how else you think stuff get done around here? mom's special juice, it's wine. now if you think that's shocking, check this out. good old fashion yoplait®, it's not made with cage free norwegian hemp milk. and guess what? she loves it. ♪
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live from the wendy williams show. >> wendy: how you doing? we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy! >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: thank you for watching our show. say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. how you doin? [ applause ] have a seat. let's g


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